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Hello! Random post about my cat:


I believe in a holistic approach when it come to animal care and nutrition and I feed my cat the best I can with what I can afford.

That being said, my cat, Michiyo, has had ongoing bowel and just overall health issues since I brought him home at 7 weeks old. He’s always had chronic allergy issues, gooby eyes, patchy fur, itching problems, as well as chronic diarrhea, random fever spikes, mood swings, thermoregulation problems, and the list goes on and on. He stopped growing at around 6 months and still remains juvenile looking even though he’ll be two in June.  

With every medical reason tested we deduced that it came back to one thing: nutrition. I have literally tried dozens of different dried and wet foods ranging from cheap to the most expensive. He is, on top of that, extremely picky.  I have researched up and down the internet every little thing put into our commercial pet food (and it’s appalling) trying to find what on Earth he could be so allergic to; which turns out to be probably everything…

Eventually after much research I came up with the theory that on top of his allergies, the flora and fauna bacteria is his digestive system could be off or could have never developed properly as a kitten. He came from a house with 30+ cats, none of which had ever been wormed or given any shots. With this theory in mind, I purchased a bottle of cat probiotics capsules ad a bottle of liquid omegas. Within days of using these on his food, his diarrhea started going away. After a week he had normal stools and his mood immediately switched back to the loving cat I knew. He went from huddling on the bed in discomfort to running around playing. I was overjoyed!

It’s now been around a month a half since I started the probiotics. During this time he has been eating strictly Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried food once a day and then Evo cat chow over night. The supplements go on his Stella and Chewy every morning and he has been an active, playful, loving young boy every since. His fur has almost grown back, it’s thicker and softer. He’s gained over a pound of healthy muscle and overall weight. His stools have remained normal through this and he’s just doing really, really well. After nearly two years of struggling to keep him reasonably healthy, he’s flourishing… all because I simply put a capsule of probiotics on his food. Seems silly, but, hey, it’s worked.  

I also highly recommend Stella and Chewy and give credit to Michi’s health to this food as well. He loves the food (remember, he’s picky!) and eats it faster than I’ve ever seen him eat something.  It’s reasonably priced because I honestly don’t feed even close to the amount the bag says. Most people say that it only lasts a week for their cat and thusly it’s very expensive. But, Michi only gets around 5-6 nuggets once a day and a bag lasts almost a month. That sounds like I’m starving him compared to what the bag recommends but that’s all he’ll eat in one sitting and he’s gaining weight. So… yeah. 

Anyway, long story short. Michiyo is doing great and I’m so happy to have my boy finally thriving. I love him more than anything, he is my fur child.

Still have these two girls left. :)

Still have these two girls left. :)

My two white boys have found a wonderful home in a photographer’s life. I’m so excited to see them doing so well. They look fantastic. =)

Have some pictures of my cat, Michi, then. =)

I just realized I’ve been posting those on the wrong blog, WELP.

Miss Brick making all the 5-6 inch guys around her look like minnows. She’s a foot long— no bowls for her!

Miss Brick making all the 5-6 inch guys around her look like minnows. She’s a foot long— no bowls for her!

Creamsicle and Patch.



Spring is finally here, <3